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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. We get questions about our podcast shows, publishing company, partnerships, and more.

Ask away! We have the answers.

wrotelio™ has one major focus; awesome content creation. We publish books, create podcasts, and share writing advice for aspiring authors.

We believe in exploring the books around you, and experiencing podcast shows that entertain and inspire. We are all about the feel-good creations.

We share content on our website and on social media. We also have a blog where we share weekly content.

You can find free advice on our social media profiles and our blog.

Yes, all our podcast shows are written and produced in-house and everything is original.

We work with booksellers, distributors, and podcast distribution networks. You can see our partners on our partners page.

Our publishing company, wrotelio™ | PUBLISHING, will release books a few times a year. We work with several authors to get books out whenever they are ready.

Our podcast shows go through various stages throughout production, including brainstorming, writing, recording, and producing. You can learn more about our shows at wrotelio™ | PRODUCTIONS.

Our publishing company was established back in 2012 under a different name. Once we started podcast production in 2022, we changed our entire business structure and launched this new website in 2022.

We have many books, and podcast shows to come in the near future. We are also launching our studio, where you can learn how to write your own books and podcasts.

We produce fiction podcasts that are independently produced at our production studios.

We find our ideas in all kinds of weird places; the news, the world around us, and more. It’s about inspiration! Good ideas take time.

Our show ideas are 100% original from our production studios. That way, we keep all the rights to the show. Have a show idea? We encourage you to do your own show! 

You can contact the team using the wrotelio™ contact form located on the contact page.

We do not have an office available to the public.

wrotelio podcasts
wrotelio podcasts

The Pen Podcast is an educational podcast, created by wrotelio™’s founder, Malene Jorgensen. Here, she walks through practical tips to get your writing career off the ground.

The Pen Podcast is different from our other podcasts in that it is education, non-scripted, and it is released in seasons.

The Pen Podcast can help you if you struggle with your author confidence, get stuck on creative writing, or if you struggle with writer’s block.

Right now, The Pen Podcast is our only educational podcast for aspiring writers.

You can find more information about The Pen Podcast by heading over to the podcast’s official website, The Pen Podcast.