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Short Stories for Readers

The Woods - Alex Westborrow

The Woods​

The Egos - Alex Westborrow

The Egos

Bad Ass - Alex Westborrow

Bad Ass

The Many You - Alex Westborrow

The Many You


We Need To Talk About Miscarrige

This raw book details Malene Jorgensen’s journey through three miscarriages and the fertility treatments she went through to have her second son. She documents her experience with depression, fears, and more in this honest tell-all.

We Need to Talk About Miscarriage


Here's what is coming soon

Charlotte Spaghetti

Charlotte Spaghetti is a children’s writer who uses words, sounds, and kids’ phrases to create fun stories to help children learn how to read. 

Tess Tobias

Tess Tobias is a crime and thriller novelist who is inspired by small-town mystique, big city secrets, and head-scratching mysteries.

Max Rosey

Max Rosey is a life/romance author, who has a passion for New York City, the Elite, Upper East Side cafes, the Hamptons, and female leads.