Welcome to wrotelio™

We publish works in several genres across 50+ countries in paperback, hardcover, digital formats​ and podcasts

At wrotelio™, we want to celebrate authors and aspiring writers. We publish great content, ideas, novels, fiction, poetry, kids’ books, scripted podcast shows and educational content for everyone. It’s time to dig in.


The background Story

It all started with a dream...

wrotelio™ all started with a dream – a dream to create and tell stories. Prior to becoming a publishing company with podcasting production and distribution, wrotelio™ was a publishing company known as One Door Press. In 2021, plans started to form to include podcast shows.

In early 2022, wrotelio™ was formed and the business acquired One Door Press to establish its publishing branch. The company also acquired Jorgensen Media Group to handle partnerships and distribution.

wrotelio™ has several core values, but we are focused on providing the best possible content for you – whether you love books or binge podcast shows. Start exploring our library of publications and shows today.

We always strive to create the best possible courses, books, podcast shows, and more for the world to explore.

Welcome to wrotelio™.

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We want to celebrate the creative mind, great ideas, and authors who are brave enough to share their minds and ideas with the world in written or audio formats.









What We Do

Idea Generation and Writing

It all starts with writing something. Whether it’s a first draft of a novel or an idea for a scripted podcast mini-series. it all starts with idea generation and writing. Once a book is complete, we handle all legal documents and get the book published in e-book, paperback and hardcopy to various distributors.

Podcast Productions

We create and distribute podcast shows from in-house talent. We do that through our podcast productions department. Explore the shows for yourself and binge on our signature educational podcasts about writing. 

Distribution and Marketing

We have a long list of distributors and partners we work with to ensure our books and podcasts are on all major platforms. You can find a list of our biggest partners on our Partners Page in the main menu.

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We publish books in over 25 countries and use over 11 major distributors and sellers.


Explore our books and our publications at your favorite book stores.


Learn how to improve your own writing and idea generation in our studio.


Experience our scripted podcast series on your favourite podcast platforms.