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We turn the love of writing into published books.

We publish books that educate, inspire, and entertain readers. We’ve published how-to books, business books, kids’ literature, romance, poetry, and crime novels. Welcome to our little corner of the internet.

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wrotelio™ | PUBLISHING

Here are some of the authors we represent at wrotelio™ | PUBLISHING. Click below to get acquainted below.

Charlotte Spaghetti

Charlotte Spaghetti is a children’s writer who uses words, sounds, and kids’ phrases to create fun stories to help children learn how to read. 

Tess Tobias

Tess Tobias is a crime and thriller novelist who is inspired by small-town mystique, big city secrets, and head-scratching mysteries.

Max Rosey

Max Rosey is a life/romance author, who has a passion for New York City, the Elite, Upper East Side cafes, the Hamptons, and female leads.

Short Stories For Readers​

The Woods - Alex Westborrow

The Woods

The Egos - Alex Westborrow

The Egos

Bad Ass - Alex Westborrow

Bad Ass

The Many You - Alex Westborrow

The Many You


Anna: A Story About a Crime

A young girl disappears and her mother Maple is desperate for help. All she wants is her daughter home again and she believes someone from her past has taken her. But when her body is found, the local detective is convinced that she had something to do with the murder.

With a new young detective in tow, he has to find out who killed Anna while balancing his own demons. This novel is not only a story about the murder of a little girl, but also about sexism, power, discrimination, and devastating secrets.

Welcome to wrotelio™ | PRODUCTIONS

Scripted Podcast Shows

We proudly write, produce, and publish amazing podcast series. Our shows can be found on every major podcast streaming platform, including Spotify, Stitcher Radio, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and more.


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The Pen Podcast

The Pen Podcast

The Pen Podcast is our business podcast, where we discuss writing advice for aspiring authors.

The Quarterback Podcast

The Quarterback

The Quarterback is about a football player who is found dead on the field. But what happened to him and why?

Lost in Oslo

Lost in Oslo

A woman goes missing in Oslo on a trip. Her disappearance uncovers years of secrets in Norway.

Explore Content Creation in Podcasts

Reach Thousands With a Powerful Podcast Show

Podcasting is becoming a popular way to absorb information, including documentaries and fictional stories. With a powerful story with hooks and twists, you’ll be entertained for hours.

Writing a book? Want to grow a business or a brand? Need a new marketing strategy? A podcast can be the solution you’re looking for. Listen to our podcast, The Pen Podcast, today.

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The Pen Podcast

The Pen Podcast is designed to help aspiring authors and writers with their planning, their writing, and their storytelling. The show is broken down into small, digestible episodes, meant to get the creative juices flowing for the effective production of written works.

The Pen Podcast

The Pen Podcast

Advice for aspiring authors

The Pen Podcast is produced by wrotelio™ | PRODUCTIONS and is a podcast designed to help writers with their creative endeavors. It also helps writers get out of their creative ruts and battle writer’s block.

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Our Mission

We strive to create content for entertainment, education and inspiration. We're supporting every aspiring writer and creator in their amazing journeys.










It all started with a dream...

wrotelio™ all started with a dream – a dream to create and tell stories. Prior to becoming a full business with a production branch and a publishing branch, wrotelio™ was a publishing company known as One Door Press. In 2021, plans started to form to include podcast shows.

In early 2022, wrotelio™ was formed and the business acquired One Door Press to establish its publishing branch. The company also acquired Jorgensen Media Group to handle partnerships and distribution.

wrotelio™ has several core values, but we are all letting you explore the writing industry – both fiction and non-fiction, educating you on how to best make money with your writing, and finally, letting you explore our own library of publications and shows.

We are always striving to create the best possible courses, books, podcast shows, and more for the world to explore.