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Meet Malene

Malene Jorgensen always knew she wanted to be a writer. Just a few short years after graduating with a Master's Degree in Language Psychology and a Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature, she held her first published book in her hands. Since 2012, Malene has continued to grow her writing career. She has published over 50,000 articles online, she has written over 10+ books in a handful of genres, and now, she's showing aspiring authors how to get the confidence of an author, how to write books that sell, and how to streamline the marketing process - all while selling your books with top retailers across the globe.

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Confidence Coaching

As aspiring authors, we can often question our abilities as writers and our confidence when it comes to creating great plots or stories. With our confidence content, you'll learn to think differently when it comes to your books and your place in the author world. Get the confidence to write, sell, and grow!

Social Media for Authors

What do you post on social media to connect with readers? How do you stay consistent and post regularly without running out of ideas? Get everything you need and more in our social media section of Wrotelio's blog! It's all about strategy and approach, not about the basic how-tos of social that will get you success.

Email Marketing for Authors

Do you want to streamline your marketing and automate as much as possible when it comes to selling your books? Email marketing is one part of that equation. Get access to our email marketing content, providing you with ideas, content, strategies and templates to get you started with effective email marketing.

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